Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Nervous Start

Hey there!

So, this is the part where I introduce myself and explain the purpose of creating this blog.

I'm Beth, I'm nineteen and I'm from England. The purpose of my blog is.. kind of abstract right now, in the sense that I have an idea of what I want to talk about, but whether that translates into reality is yet to be discovered.

I guess this is just a physical representation of me learning to express myself and ultimately, become more creative with writing. I have always had a passion for words; reading them, exploring them and writing them. However, as my fervour for language and literature increased, so did my anxiety to share any of my own creative efforts. This silly little blog marks the beginning of a new found desire and confidence to share my words and my reflections.

Expect posts relating to books, music and an exploration into the confusing corners of my psyche.

Even if you leave my blog after this post, just thank you. For reading this far. For giving me a shot.


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